Hey there!  I'm so glad you stopped by.

Wow... what to say about me?  This is so hard for me to do because my photography is all about you and the ones you love!  But here you are…looking for the scoop on me so let’s see what I can say about me and what I love.

I’m a wife and mother, sister and daughter.  You may see my husband Charlie or one of my 3 sons helping me out at the studio. You might even meet Baxter the Bulldog!

 I was an Art Teacher for 10 years and had a sculpture studio in Downtown Ft Worth.  That was in my life B.C. (before children).  Once the mancubs entered my life, I realized babies and blowtorches didn’t blend well, so I changed media.  Actually my husband gave me a digital camera and told me I couldn’t come home until I made some art and felt better.  Evidently I’m much nicer to live with when I’m creating.

 Because of my art background my photography tends to be rather painterly. I’ll own it…I love to have fun with my photography.  I’m very laid back and love to play.  I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl who loves crazy and colorful shoes.

 Some random facts...

~ The way to my heart is with Starbucks Soy Vanilla Lattes. No foam…that just takes up coffee room!

~ I love photographing everyone, however little girly girls just melt my heart.  Let’s put on a tutu and dance!  I don’t get enough tutu time at home I guess!

~ Dark chocolate….yum-o! 

~ I met my husband when we were both park rangers during college.

~ I’ll admit it….I love the movie The Princess Bride.

~ Really, are you still reading this?

~ Yes, I’m a facebook nerd and have lots of friends on there from around the world that I talk to daily and have never met in person.

~ I will probably cry at your wedding.  I’m kind of mushy that way!

~ Ok if you're STILL reading this let's just go out for coffee so you can get to know the real me.  It's way more fun than me sitting at my computer trying to explain just how witty and fun I am...lol.


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