4 Dogs at an Engagement Session? No Prob!
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Sunday, July 09
By studio b photography
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 Everybody that knows me KNOWS what a dog person I am.  Well actually I'm an animal person!  I love animals of all kinds (except snakes...they're not loveable).  So when Tristain said she and Kaine wanted 4 dogs at their engagement session I said "Bring them on!"  OH MY GOSH!!!  It was crazy!!!  We had and elderly blind poodle, a spunky little lap dog, and 2 BONKERS Boxers.  The out-takes from this session are HYSTERICAL!!!  There was a whole lotta puppy love that day!  We had 4 dog wranglers with us at the shoot and it was still nuts!  But look at these great images!  If you don't say Awwwww...I will be so disappointed in you!

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