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Friday, February 22
By Studio B Photography
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I love reading.  Unfortunately during the time sucking years of having small children and trying to start a new business I let my love for words move so far down the list it just didn't happen any more.  Lately, because of insomnia I've rediscovered this love and the cool beans that is reading books on my Ipad.  I LOVE this way of reading!!!  I constantly have my iPad with me and now I can just grab a few pages any chance I get.


Because I was burning through books so quickly I also found the FREE collection that you can get through the apple store...and that's where this post is going.  Just because the book is available online doesn't mean it's worth my time to read.  Sometimes a GREAT author will release the first book of their series on the free shelf just to hook you.  More often than not however, the free shelf is populated but new writers developing their craft or worse, someone that thought because they can read they should be able to write.  By sifting through the good and the bad I've really figured out what makes a good book for me.


I've learned that beyond an adequate story line I value beautiful words that draw me into the story and involve me with the characters.  I want to be so connected to them that when I'm done with the story I'm still worrying about them or wondering what they're up to today. It's the words, and the skill with which the author uses them that makes or breaks a book for me.


Photography is kind of like that.  Lots of people can take an adequate snap shot.  They learn enough photoshop skills to mask a bad photograph in trend haze and blur.  But that kind of photography leaves me feeling like I've wasted time reading 3 chapters of a boring book.  I don't have an emotional connection to the art.  I feel frustrated that I invested time with so little return. 


when you're considering what photographs you want to tell the story of your family or your special wedding day I hope you'll think about this analogy.  Is your wedding worthy of snapshots from a low end photographer or do you want something that will evoke the emotions and memories of the day.  Do you want family portraits on your wall that are the equivalent of a paperback romance or do you want someone to get to know your story and create artwork that reflects the characters in your life?

It's just an idea....

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