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Monday, January 09
By studio b photography
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I'm way more comfortable blogging about my clients than about me.  I'm even more comfortable blogging about my kids and my dog than me!  But, this one is big...and cool...and well darn it, I worked hard for it!  So excuse me while I tell you what I've done.

This year I earned my Master Photographer degree from PPA.  Now I went to college and have an advanced degree in Art but I can tell you, I worked much harder for this degree than any of the other I possess.  To become a Master Photographer you have to have a minimum of 13 images included in the International Print Competition Merit or Loan collections.  Each year over 6000 images are submitted from all around the world to this competition and the best of the best are selected. It's very hard work to get an image selected to be included in this group.  There were years that I submitted amazing work only to have them all rejected (ouch!).  You also have to have at least 12 other credits from education.  Let's just say I'm an education junkie and I had way over that lol.

When you run in a group of insanely gifted photographers it seems like something that everyone does.  But when you look at the world at large, Master Photographers are rare.  I am deeply honored to be one now.

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