Mission Joy
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Saturday, April 22
By studio b photography
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I'm on a mission to shoot just for the joy of it. When I'm using my camera for work I'm so focused on my couples and creating artwork for them that celebrates what's going on in their lives...sometimes I forget to celebrate what's going on in my life. Sometimes it's just being present in the moment. So this personal assignment is about looking, really looking at what's around me and trying to see it differently. DC is a beautiful city. I love the city in all its seasons but you learn to avoid the city when the crowds are the thickest. I've never gone to DC with the express purpose of enjoying the Cherry Blossoms because of the traffic and the crowds. BUT, coming before the sun was up was an amazing experience. Seeing the sky paint it's self in such beautiful colors was so worth getting up before anybody should be out of bed. So tell me what you think!

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