Believe it or not those adorable kids that are turning your home upside down right now will someday be off and on their own.  Memories you cling to right now will fade.  Let us capture your family in a moment of time for you to hold onto forever.  I know, I know…you want to loose 10 lbs first or it’s hard to find time to get the schedules all arranged.  But trust me, this is important.  Your kids love you….not a thinner more tan version of you.  And the great thing is…I’m a master of setting up a shot to emphasize the things you love and minimize and hide the things you don’t.  I’m a master of photoshop that can give you a little photoshop love to take off those few pounds that are holding you back.  Go ahead and do it!  Schedule your family photo shoot.  You WILL love the portraits.


Our family sessions are $295 and include a $200 print credit to apply to your portraits.  Yes, that means that your sitting fee is only $95.Your portraits will be a treasure you cherish forever.The session fee is for Barbi's time and talent only.  You will purchase only the prints you love.  We also offer digital files for purchase.