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The Studio!

Studio B is set up to be a playhouse for the imagination.  The actual studio is filled with crazy and fun props.  I am a "Pack Rat of Possible Props"! Since my imagination is larger than our studio, we also store props in my garage and tucked into every corner of my house.  Do you want a crazy water shot?  Let us set up the pool in our studio.  Need a pair of turquoise cowboy boots and a stuffed frog that looks like Prince Charming?  We've got you covered!  We don't let the boundaries of our walls slow us down either.  We've constructed sets with chandeliers in parks and rented bicycles for fun props downtown too! One of the things we specialize in is creating one of a kind photo sessions for our clients.  (yes I know there isn't a picture of my studio here.  It's always pretty messy and I keep holding out hope that I'll clean it up enough to take a picture! Until then, enjoy a picture of my nephew Blake.  Isn't he cute!!!)