There are so many choices you could make when selecting a photographer for your wedding. How will you ever choose the right one?

The most important thing is, who can you trust to do the job well? There's no do-overs on your wedding day!  Who has the experience to deal with all the things that happen on a wedding day and take them all in stride?  We can offer you that peace of mind.

You also want to choose someone that you click with.  For that reason, we always meet with our couples to make sure that you like us and we're a good fit!  We choose to only do 1 wedding per weekend and only 18 weddings a year so we can really focus on you and making your day wonderful.  We fully commit to our Brides and Grooms! 

We offer weddings in all price ranges.  We offer a limited number of elopement sessions that start at 999, we have a very flexible package that starts at 2400, and our full-service packages start at 3500.  All of our packages are designed to be flexible enough to create the perfect fit for you.

We are based in Fredericksburg, VA but we do weddings all up and down the East Coast and commit to 1 destination wedding a year.  

While we can't be the wedding photographer for everyone, we are dedicated to educating Brides and Grooms on what they should ask a photographer to find the right one for them.  Be sure to check out my blog for questions you need to ask anybody you are interviewing for this job.  We want to help you find the perfect fit!